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The Must Have Purchases for Your Pelvic Health (The gift registry no one talks about)

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Get your Amazon cart ready! In 2022, more women are being introduced to pelvic therapy during and after their pregnancy. Let’s be honest. Pelvic therapy has been around for years, but with the effects of social media, influencers and this 20-30s something generation, we are not sitting back and “waiting it out” like our mamas. We are familiar with the wedding and baby registry that provides our fellow family members and friends with our wish list of what is “needed” right now. Or what we think is needed right now. Many expecting couples purchase TONS of stuff for baby and wedding prep, including strollers, onesies, matching bourbon glasses and a Vitamix. Its all for the moment and not really addressing what you actually need!

But what happens, when the season changes or you are a DINK (double income, no kids) couple and YOU actually need something for your body to keep you feeling active, confident and comfortable. There is no registry or swanky gathering to celebrate this. Most times we are left to the devices of googling and scrolling on whatever platform you enjoy. So this is my celebration of you and the self-gifting registry you need right now!


Honestly, women suffer with pelvic pain, like symphysis pubis, but not likely to be properly evaluated for vulvar varicosities. Yes, spider veins in your vulva. Vulvar varicosities arise when the veins in your vulva struggle to circulate the blood from your lower body and pelvis back up to your heart. Some of the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy increase your chances of getting vulvar varicosities.

Increased blood volume and blood flow to your pelvis. During pregnancy, both hormonal changes and your total blood volume increases by about 30-50% and blood flow increases to the pelvis. Therefore, your veins have to do more work to carry that extra blood back to the heart. When there’s more blood to move than these veins can handle, the blood can start to pool and swell in your veins causing varicose veins.

Although there is no way to prevent vulvar varicosities completely during pregnancy, there are strategies that you can use to reduce the discomfort they cause and prevent them from worsening. Wearing a su