Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is specialized physical therapy aimed to treat pelvic dysfunction and promote optimal pelvic health for both women and men. There are a multitude of reasons one may need pelvic floor physical therapy. The pelvic floor is an integral part of the core stabilization system, which works intimately with the organs, bones and joints in the region. When pelvic muscles become weak or tight, there is an imbalance within the surrounding area including the lower back, hips, bladder, vagina and rectum. 


The pelvic floor is always working throughout the day and is often overlooked as the cause of a wide range of diagnoses including:

  • Urine or fecal leakage

  • Pelvic pain including low back pain and hip pain

  • Tailbone pain (coccyx pain)

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Discomfort or pain with sex, intimacy, gynecological examination

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