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Women need specialized care throughout their lifespan; however, the right type of care during and after pregnancy is imperative. The American College of Obstetrics (ACOG) now recommends all post partum care should include physical, social, and psychological well-being and social assessment, so women can be appropriately referred to other obstetric care providers, including pelvic floor physical therapists.

Our team understands the anatomical, physical and emotional changes women go through from the start of conception to birth and beyond.  The woman's body is just as important as the new baby, and an evaluation is recommended as soon as day 1 postpartum for the following:

  • Pelvic Pain during/after pregnancy

  • Perineal tears or birth related trauma

  • Urine or bowel leakage

  • Low back or tailbone pain

  • Pain or discomfort with intercourse

  • Scar tissue related to C-section

  • Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Pressure in the pelvis

  • Changes in daily bladder or bowel habits

  • Postural changes related to breastfeeding and caring for baby

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I “pushed” physiologically, never forced it and just breathed deep into an exhale when my body said to. My last session with Dr Becca really helped me connect the dots in order to do that! Just wanted to say THANKS  y’all are doing a good work for us first time moms! ~G

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