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How Can I Connect You?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The senses of our body including sight, sound, touch, learning, communicating, emotions, are ways we communicate with our bodies and relate to the natural world around us. Our brain and body connection is able to simultaneously learn and adapt to changes in and around us everyday! But what happens when we have an injury or have not “used” a part of our body in a long time.

Hello, Operator?

When you think of pelvic floor therapy, or any therapy for that matter, you think of strengthening, stretching, balancing or exercising to return to life before injury. But what matters most, is how our body is communicating and connecting the ability to healthily strengthen, stretch and move! This is where our senses including our touch, emotions, and learning are absolutely essential to rehab and the pelvic floor!

For true healing, we must first sense what's happening in the body by our nerves. Our nerves are like antennas for the body. Each nerve sends a message to the brain, which then perceives the information, creates an action, then sends the message back out to the body via the nerve again. Before we start down the road of neurology 101, let’s make it simple. Think of how the first telephonic communications connected one caller to another. Take the telephone operator in the 1930s. The telephone operator is like the brain. The operator receives information from one caller, connects the information to another caller by plugging in the correct numbers on the switch board. Once connected, the information can be sent out to another party. Your body does the same thing! Your brain receives information from a sensation somewhere in the body, then interprets it and creates a plan of action of what to do with the sensation, then sends the plan back out to the body via nerves!