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what will I learn about post partum recovery from this New Mama Workshop?

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Understand how the pelvic floor and core change during pregnancy and how they work together to support your post partum healing

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Reconnect with your bladder and eliminate embarassing leakge with exercise and stop running to the loo every hour!

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Sex after baby can be scary and even painful. Pain should not stop you from getting your sexy back and connecting with your partner. Revive your sex life with pleasure, not pain.

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Diastasis. Diastasis Recti. DRA. However you say it the abdomen and core need time to heal. Learn the natural way to improve your core with breathing and body mechanics to close the gap in the abdomen!


I want you to have the knowledge and the understanding of your post partum body, not just as a Mom, but as a WOMEN.

This 3 part webinar includes:

  • 20-30 minute discussions with Dr. Amanda about the Top 3 Ways to Recover Post Partum

  • Mindful movement techniques to improve your awareness and create healing in your body

  • Learn how to prepare your pelvic floor and mind for pain free its not just about more lube!

  • Create a healthy connection with your bladder throughout the day to eliminate leakage or excessive trips to the bathroom

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and core safely to improve diastasis recti bulge to love not just the look of your core, but to create a fearless foundation to carry throughout life

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook community with new moms, like you, for personalized Q&A and support

  • Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Session with Dr. Amanda to answer your post partum questions and amplify your road to recovery

This webinar is create for every women, whether 2 days or 20 years post partum. This knowledge is more than just feeling better now, but info to pass on to encourage other women to feel more active, comfortable and confident in their bodies.

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