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Thank you for inquiring!



I am Dr. Amanda Heritage, Owner and Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist at Breathe Life PT & Wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy! We know how much bravery it takes to admit that you may need support “down there” or are just curious about what is down there!


We've all been there searching, wondering, googling, texting, emailing if what’s going on in our bodies, what is normal, or even who is out there to help me figure out what is going on down there!

That's why we're committed to helping provide you with all of the support and resources you need on your pelvic health journey.

Check your email for a confirmation and a brief intro of what to expect from our team!

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Have questions about what Pelvic Floor PT looks like or what it's like to work with our team? Check out our FAQ page here!

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