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True healing goes beyond treating or resolving physical symptoms. An inspired, joy-filled life requires deep knowing of our physical, emotional and spiritual identity in order to connect with our feminine vitality and radiance. 

In the Breath Life Healing Circle led by Dr. Miriam Bouve, Holistic Pelvic Care & Womb Healing  and Dr. Amanda of Breathe Life PT, we’ll join and heal together.


Through a combination of guided pelvic-centered tools,

  • energy work

  • visualizations

  • breathe work

  • sharing of wisdom


we’ll explore the heavy, painful energies of our time, while reconnecting to the beauty and vitality of our spiritual, energetic, and physical feminine bodies. Through this reconnection we’ll rediscover a new and dynamic relationship with our bodies as a guide, gauge, and source for truth, confidence, and beauty throughout our lives.


This open group session will be held monthly, on the 4th Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:30 pm EST on Zoom. Donations welcome via Venmo

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