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Begin Restoring Your Pelvic Health to Live Out an Active, Confident & Comfortable Life

Pelvic Therapy for Women & Men in South Jersey

You are a Rockstar doing all the things.

  • You Google, ask FB groups, see multiple specialists, yet still feel uneasy about the information you are finding.

  • You know deeply there is more to your wellness than just taking meds, doing kegel things, exercising and waiting around for things to change.

  • Your know your body is incredible! Your pelvis is an intelligent, beautifully dynamic and strong base of your core.


But, when it comes to your health (specifically your pelvic health)...

You may still be experiencing frustration trying to figure out what’s going on “down there" and how best to care for yourself.

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  • Leakage when you laugh or exercise?

  • Changes in toilet habits since having a baby?

  • Hip or low back pain with exercise?

  • Pressure in the pelvis when standing or sitting or walking?

  • Pain or discomfort with sex?

  • Trouble with abdominal strength after baby or surgery?


You already know your pelvic health is more than just kegel things which is why you are here.

Real Healing

I've been dealing with tailbone pain since I was pregnant with my firstborn over 11 years ago. I've struggled with severe SPD through my prior two pregnancies but at the time, no one really knew what SPD was (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) so there weren't treatment options beyond "Try not to hate life between now and delivery."
Once there, she did a basic assessment and took me on a virtual tour of the various bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves in and around my pelvis. Afterwards, she had me undress for the manipulation portion of the appointment. She expertly finessed my tail bone into its proper position, helped realign my hip position, and massaged parts of my pelvis I didn't even know existed. She was INCREDIBLY gentle, but the strength behind each movement clearly worked.
For the first time in more than 11 years, my tailbone didn't crack when I got up. It's been two days, and it STILL HASN'T CRACKED. She warned me it may need to be adjusted more due to years of settling in the wrong place, but guys... at least I know it's FIXABLE. I didn't even know it was fixable!!!
She's personable, clearly cares about her craft, and is remarkably effective. She is worth every penny and more, so if you are on the fence, pick up the phone and call. You will NOT regret it.