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The Path to Pelvic Wellness

Because your pelvic health is more than kegel things...

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You are a ROCKSTAR, QUEEN & SUPERSTAR of doing all the things

Family, kids, work, keeping the house running, meal prepping…you’ve got a lot on your plate. And knowing you… you still do your best to take care of your family and give them what they need.


Now when it comes to your health

taking care of YOURSELF can be a whole different story

When it comes to your health (specifically your pelvic health)...

You Google, ask FB groups, see multiple specialists and still feel uneasy about the information you are finding.


There is a huge gap between finding what is right and advocating “what’s right” for you! 

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What was your first impression when you...


  • “had the talk”?

  • got your first period?

  • wanted to have sex but had no idea what went where?

  • had to go to the gynecologist (The Scary Doctor is what we called it in my house growing up)?

  • called out of school for the 10th time in the year due to cramps?

  • cancelled on friends because you had something weird going on down there?

  • were prescribed the pill and expected it to clear your acne, eliminate your cramps and it did not live up to your expectations? 

  • recently gave birth and did not expect your vulva to look like a bruised peach?

  • did not get pregnant in 1 month like your friends?

  • had your babies and now the whole bottom of you is falling out?

What if I told you there is a community who can help you navigate these steps on the path where it has been taboo to speak out! Answer those concerns?

Or at the least tell you there are options!

There is more to your wellness than just taking meds, doing kegel things, exercising and waiting around for things to change...

Here are some pelvic facts you didn't know, but you probably should.

Did you know...

  • it is not normal to pee your pants, have pain with sex, or have indigestion when you are constipated.

  • your low back pain could actually be a sign your pelvic organs have moved after labor or with menopause.

  • the “leakage” you are experiencing is not urine at all; it could be signs you are ovulating or potentially have an infection.

  • it is OK to want a second opinion from another therapist or to be prepared for your next session armed and dangerous with pelvic knowledge bombs.

  • you can prepare for your pregnancy to really know your physical body, more than taking a birth class.

  • you have options and there are more specialists other than a OBGYN to guide your pelvic health. There is no need to feel overwhelmed of what to do next.

  • other providers like acupuncturist, nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners also understand your pelvic health, but just view it from a different lens.

  • kegel exercises are not the answer to everything as many times our pelvic muscles need to be strong and supple.

Women Holding Hands

Your body is incredible! Your pelvis is an intelligent, beautifully dynamic and strong base of your core.

But there is a lot of watered-down ideas about our pelvic health...

Here’s why you may still be experiencing frustration with your entire path to figuring out what’s going on “down there".

The Healthcare System is Wonky

Yes, on average doctors have less than 7 minutes with you to hear your story. You get a paper to go to another provider and the communication ends there.

Everyone's Body is Different

There is no one recipe that fits all. Your health is unique throughout your entire lifespan. Shifts in hormones, stress and lifestyle can change daily pelvic health too!

Time is Precious

It is hard to prioritize health when you have only so many minutes in the day. Searching FB groups and texting friends takes time. How do you know you will find the right provider?

2020-11 BreatheLifePT-040.jpg

After struggling with issues for a long time with vulvodynia, Dr. Amanda is the first person in my life who has ever helped me make progress and shown me that it is absolutely possible to be in control of any pelvic floor issues you may encounter. Every single body is so different and I was so afraid there was something wrong or “defective” about mine. Amanda helped me not only make physical progress and get me through so many breakthroughs, she helped me change my mindset and gave me the tools to face the emotional aspect of what I was going through as well. ~ LK


You already know your pelvic health is more than just kegel things which is why you are here.

That’s why I want to introduce you to...

The Path to Pelvic Wellness

An online community that helps women navigate their pelvic health throughout their path of womanhood…

to advocate, navigate and collaborate together

You Belong on the Path

This program is open to all women who experience the everyday cycles of being a woman!

This is for everyone throughout their journey along the path including pregnancy, fertility, postpartum, pre-post menopausal changes and everywhere in between.

If you have a pelvis, then this is for you!

what you will find inside the

Short and sweet 5-10 minute mindful movement sessions are curated. Each month you can grow in your physical understanding of the body and never feel limited during the changing cycles of the life with rules or recipes for movement. Go at your own pace and connect with your pelvis and core.

Mindful Movement

We know some times you want to run by someone, "Is this normal?". Well, we have your answers to understanding your leaky bladder, why sex can hurts to how breathing alone can help ease the fears of what's going on down there. Find the answers immediately at your fingertips.

everyday lessons

In the Breath Life Healing Circle led by Dr. Miriam and Dr. Amanda, we’ll join and heal together through a combination of pelvic-centered tools, including energy work, visualizations, and sharing of wisdom. We’ll explore the heavy, painful energies of our time, while reconnecting to the beauty and vitality of our spiritual, energetic, and physical feminine bodies. 

healing cirlce

Let’s talk about it all…our team will sit down with a local practitioner who understands pelvic health. You probably did not realize that more providers know about pelvic health, but view it from a different lens. For example, did you know you can use Botox for your pelvic muscles if they are the cause of pelvic pain or pain with sex?

Let's Talk

Ask anything! Nothing is off the table and there is no need to feel uncomfortable. Our team including physical therapists and nurses will answers your questions to help you advocate for yourself at your next doctors appointment or where to turn next on your path.


Exclusive curated resources for our community includes:

  • library with books, podcasts, products to guide your pelvic wellness

  • exclusive shopping discounts

  • encouraging digital downloads 

  • recipes for your pelvic health

  • one-on-one chat with our Nurse Navigator


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    Breathe Life Physical Therapy and Wellness offers specialized one-on-one physical therapy aimed to treat pelvic dysfunction and promote optimal pelvic health for women. Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to a wide range of diagnoses pertaining to the pelvic muscles and the pelvis, including urinary/bowel incontinence, pregnancy related care, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and postpartum pelvic girdle dysfunction to name a few. Appointments are scheduled in the office or virtually.
    There are a multitude of reasons one may need pelvic floor physical therapy. Pelvic dysfunction occurs when pelvic muscles become weak, tight, or when there is an imbalance within the surrounding joints including, lower back, hips, and coccyx. The pelvic floor is integral to the core stabilization system, which works intimately with the organs, bones and joints in the region. The pelvic floor is continuously working throughout the day and is often overlooked as the cause of many issues related to low back pain, pelvic pain, urinary and bowel incontinence. At least 1 out of every 5 Americans will suffer from a pelvic floor dysfunction at some time during their lives.
    We specialize in care for women and female-related pelvic health concerns. We refer prospective male clients to the local Pelvic Therapists at Virtua, Penn, and surround corporate Physical Therapy practices. To find a provider near you, visit
    In order to provide the highest level of care and quality, Breathe Life Physical Therapy & Wellness is an out of network (OON) insurance provider. Payment is expected at time of treatment. A detailed receipt will be provided to submit to the insurance company if desired. Each insurance company and health benefits differ based on the contracted rates. Breathe Life Physical Therapy does NOT accept Medicare/Medicaid clients or those with an active motor vehicle claim open at this time.
    The first evaluation includes a 75 minute one-on-one visit discussing concerns and symptoms related to the pelvis and daily activities. This evaluation is essential as it provides the opportunity to understand medical history, including pregnancies, abdominal or back surgeries, and gynecological/urinary history. The examination will include general movement such as bending forward and backward, observing body mechanics and strength testing. A comprehensive review of the pelvic floor musculature, pelvic organ function and normal bladder/bowel habits will also be discussed.
    In a traditional physical therapy setting, clients schedule 1-2x/week for 6-8 weeks. At Breathe Life PT, the consistency of care is dependent on patient commitment, desired outcomes, and clinical recommendations of the therapist. Many times, follow up visits do not need to occur in a concrete time setting, as the body, healing and goals are fluid over a period of time. Fluid follow up visits allow for open discussion, continued education and goal setting. An individualized home program will be given to supplement and promote progress.
    Follow-up appointments are 55 minutes. During the follow-up visits, an external and internal assessment of the abdomen and pelvic muscles (through the vaginal or rectal canal) is valuable, however one may choose or refuse any part of the process. Exercises to correct muscle imbalances, breathing coordination and body mechanics will also be addressed regardless of pelvic floor muscle assessment. The goal is to promote awareness, healing and confidence for daily use of the pelvic floor with urination, bowel movements, sexual function and body mechanics.
    Thankfully, in NJ, there is Direct Access; so appointments can be made with Dr. Amanda without a prescription. A prescription is not required for the initial evaluation; however, after 30 days or 10 visits (whichever is first), a primary care provider must issue a prescription to continue care. A primary care provider, gynecologist or urogynecologist may issue this type of prescription. Many pelvic conditions have multiple causes and may need a specialist to rule out more serious conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a medical provider onboard with treatment to help coordinate care.
    Treatments will include education, functional movements, manual techniques and exercise. Client dedication is more important than any exercise provided. Recommended treatment including breathing and core stability exercises improve coordination of the muscles in the pelvis, back and core. Relaxation techniques and behavior modifications are encouraged to reduce pain and regain control for daily toileting habits.
    Yes, you are more than welcome to come the pelvic therapy during your menstrual cycle based on your comfort level. Remember there are many types of therapeutic modalities to use during therapy and does not always include internal pelvic floor muscle/organ work. Communication with your therapist regarding progress, changes in toileting habits, and updating exercise home programs are all great ways to continue your progress during your cycle! Most times, seeing your pelvic therapist during your menstrual cycle assists in relieving period cramps, pressure or low back pain. What a bonus!
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We walk as a dedicated community to help ease your path to pelvic wellness one step at a time

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We want you to fearlessly ask questions, be involved in your pelvic health and feel confident without being judged by your doctor or family members.

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There are plenty of options to better your health outside of medication, surgery, and the typical insurance "allowed" visits. We want to introduce you to providers who can support you on your path.

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Our hope is to connect women from all walks of life to share their stories, experiences, and to encourage one another on the path of bettering their health in body, mind and spirit.

Your Guides

We know and understand the frustration, the perseverance and the patience it takes to just keep going on any wellness journey. From fertility to hormonal health, we can truly say we have been there. Like you searching, waiting, praying and hoping for the next "right" thing. This is why we want other women to feel empowered to advocate, navigate and collaborate with other women and know there are options.


There is so much more to our pelvic health and overall wellness than what is on social media and what you get from the 5 minute specialist appointment. We are here for you! Walking with you on the path. Each of our paths may be different, we may wear different shoes, have rocky or smooth paths, but ultimately we are better when we are encouraged on our journey.


See What is Waiting for You on The Path


Beyond grateful for Breathe Life Physical Therapy!! So personable, professional, and truly care about what they do!! I have been going since post birth and truly see a difference and ALL women SHOULD be referred for pelvic PT! Forever grateful & thankful to Dr Becca for being a great PT and also for being a great listener too ! :) 110% recommend !

I absolutely love Dr. Amanda and her team. They have been a key component to my abdominal and pelvic recovery. Dr. Amanda truly makes you feel comfortable, listens and is constantly finding ways to make your therapy and recovery pleasant and beneficial to you. I learn so much from her and for the first time ever, I can truly say, I'm headed in the right direction. I'm so thankful to have found her and her practice. I can't thank you enough!

OMG where do I begin?! In every way…I can be intimate w/out pain, do yoga w/out pain…not to mention the fact that Im actually even aware of my pelvis and its needs…how it connects to my entire rest of my body. Its changed my life! 

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