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babilen: ok, i'm good with the recovery stuff, we can give it a shot, but i think it would be better to copy a known good live usb to the /boot partition NoGuysNan: Can you open your user control panel and find the change account panel under User Accounts? babilen: Yup, that's what I'm in. I'm trying to give myself local admin permissions, because I want to remote in to check my PHP logs. babilen: When I click the Advanced button, I'm given a list of accounts. The only account with admin is 'Administrator' nah, you can only add your user to the admin group. that doesnt give you admin rights. Right. That's what I figured. but you are giving to the user to do that by himself. so this doesnt belong to ubuntu I just want to be able to change my Apache log file location, which I can't do from the command line, because my PHP code is sensitive, and when I go to Apache settings, they say I don't have permissions to do that. maybe give php user full permissions then. but its a very insecure set up Just to be clear, this is running on a VPS, not my production server. I am not ready to move to production just yet. That's part of why I'm trying to log in as a local admin, so I don't need a password to get into the webmin user settings. I'm not trying to hack, just make a quick change. NoGuysNan: is that webserver the only one on the server? k1l_: Yes. run the command: systemctl disable apache2 then run: systemctl start apache2 k1l_: That was my next question, is there a way to make it so apache can run without needing to



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SigmaKey Box 2.35.03 Crack Activation Code 2020 Free Download [Mac Win] [2022]

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